Companion Protectors of Damara (Companions an Damaran Schutze)

Eldrick OksIlmatari Paladin, Morovian Noble knight, Apprentice Knight of the Order, and formerly King’s Justice, Eldrick leads the Companion Protectors.
William PrestonOrphan of the war against Zhengyi, Will was trained as a Justifier by the late Mariabronne the Rover, famed scout and ranger of Damara. He once served Sir Oks as squire, but has since become an Apprentice Knight of the Order in his own right and fights beside Eldrick as his peer.
Alexander CaenarImpilturian wizard, graduate of the Towers of the Wind in Lyrabar. After an accident that has seriously impaired his vision, Alexander seeks more and more powerful magic to augment or otherwise replace his loss.
Miranda CaenarThe 14-year-old sister of Alexander and his caretaker. Miranda is perky, witty, and has a sharp mind and sharper tongue. She is also an amateur acrobat, having been something of a tomboy in her earlier years.
Thoros’l “One-Ear”A mysterious, brooding moon elf of unknown origin. De facto leader of the Blackened Wall mercenary band, who initially hired on with Sir Oks as extra muscle. His obsession with the drow is well documented, and his temper is legend.
OxxilA mute shield dwarf, whose past is as much a mystery as his god. Oxxil serves the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, and his motivations beyond the destruction of Xavier Palluk are unknown. Member of the Blackened Wall mercenary band.
Jim MasticateWizard member of the Blackened Wall mercenary band. Jim claims to know nothing of his past beyond the last 10 months, so perhaps his sometimes erratic behavior has some explanation shrouded in the shadows of his past.

Other PCs

Mauricio Esteban Native of the jungles of Chult, Mauricio has attempted to make a name for himself as the most skilled tailor in all of the Bloodstone Lands. After a legal matter involving himself, Oxxil, and Eldrick, Mauricio is bound to travel with the Companion Protectors for the span of one year.
Odgion Draidn Barbarian of the tribes inhabiting once-mighty Narfell region, Odgion hired on as Mauricio’s personal bodyguard. Despite his uncultured background, Odgion has shown himself to be intelligent and wise, and excels in his position as Mauricio’s protector.
Alanere Nightsky Ambassador from the Moon Elven peoples of Shilmista Forest to the Bloodstone Kingdom, Alanere has taken interest in the comings and goings of the Companion Protectors and has used his political influence to join the party, though for what purpose and to what ends are known only to him.

Notable NPCs

Allies and Neutrals
Derryn “Jesse” JessopMauricio Esteban’s servant man. Travelled with and cared for Mauricio during his first stint with the Companion Protectors. Now serves as caretaker over Mauricio’s estate and business in Heliogabalus while he serves his sentence.
Endora MooreheadWidow and priestess of Ilmater. Endora was accused of witchcraft, kidnapping, and murder by the citizenry of Ostrav, but was exonerated by Eldrick and company after it was revealed the kidnappings and murders were the work of Xavier Palluk. Now serves as the chief priestess of Ilmater in the lands surrounding the Ostrav farm cluster.
Daven Charlesmont Merchant caravaner of the Damaran Merchants’ League out of Ravensburg. Met the Companion Protectors in Ostrav and volunteered his personal guard to assist with the investigation. Mauricio and the Caenars travelled with his caravan from Heliogabalus to Ostrav in early Tarsahk.
Mayor Hanford Hempton Mayor of Ostrav, and owner/operator of the Swaying Yeti Inn/Tavern
Cpt. Narda Smythe Commander of the Ostrav Village Watch. Assisted Eldrick in the Ostrav investigation.
Sirius “a.k.a King Gareth Dragonsbane” Rescued by the Companion Protectors from a Citadel stronghold, Sirius was revealed to be the King Gareth Dragonsbane in disguise. Due to unknown circumstances, he suffers from amnesia and cannot remember much before his rescue.
Lady Fuling New Lady Commander of the Order of the Golden Cup after Sir Tandarduk’s unmasking and subsequent escape.
Cpt. Koomahr KrunnchThe only half-orc officer in the Damaran military. Krunnch currently serves in the Royal Military detachment in Valls. Served as a guide to the Companion Protectors on their way to the Citadel outpost in the western Galenas.
Titus Oks Father of Eldrick Oks. Co-founder of the merchant coster in Heliogabalus and distant cousin to the Baron Dimian Ree of Morov. Supported his noble cousin in the bid for the crown. Helped Mauricio and Odgion foil a Citadel plot to assassinate him and his wife.
Madeleine OksMother of Eldrick Oks and wife of Titus Oks. Shrewd businesswoman and co-founder of the merchant coster in Heliogabalus. Originally descended from a deposed merchant noble family from Sembia and sole heir to its fortunes. Employed Mauricio as a tailor in order to procure a custom made ball gown.


Xavier Palluk “a.k.a The Little Girl”Kidnapper and murderer proven to be the source of the trouble in Ostrav. Was encountered looting the crypts of the Ilmatari Seminary north of Ostrav, and forced Eldrick to retrieve the obsidian artifact and to deliver it to Vaasa. Last seen three miles north of the Vaasan gate in the company of the man in the demon armor.
The Man in the Demon ArmorLittle is known about this horror, except that he rides on a nightmare steed and took the obsidian artifact away from Eldrick using a compulsion similar to that granted to Eldrick by the artifact itself. It was last seen in Vaasa in the company of Xavier Palluk.
Sir TandardukFormer Lord Commander of the Order of the Golden Cup. Was revealed to be in league with the heretical sect the “Angels of Ilmater” after sending the Companion Protectors on an unauthorized and highly dangerous mission against the Citadel of Assassins. Has since fled Damara along with a large portion of his followers amongst the Order and his current whereabouts are unknown.
OgdusWizard Lieutenant in the service of the Citadel of Assassins and one of three commanders of the now-defunct stronghold in the Galenas northwest of Valls. Presumed dead. His two comrades, Bedmay and Denwynn are still at large.
KnellictArchmage and suspected second-in-command in the Citadel of Assassins. Suspect in hundreds of murders and disappearances. Fought for Zhengyi beside the Grandfather of Assassins in the war. Now has a personal vendetta against Eldrick, evidenced by sending an assassination squad against his parents, and personally tormenting him during the trek through Vaasa.


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