Bloodstone Lands Timeline

These are the major events that have transpired in the history of the Bloodstone Lands and the surrounding region.
Note: Not all events of importance are necessarily included, just those that are common knowledge or have been discovered by the PCs. The latter will be added to as the character knowledge-base grows, and will be recorded in green. Whether these tidbits of knowledge are vital to the plot or are just red herrings are up to the players to decide.

-135 DR The settlement Impil’s Tor is established by Impil Mirandor atop an abandoned dwarven delve.

-74 DR Inrath Mirandor crowns himself the first king of Impiltur.

726 DR Agrosh “the Scaled” leads an army of demons into Impiltur and slays the current king and his sole heir. Agrosh crowns himself the new king of Impiltur.

729 – 732 DR The Fiend Wars / Triad Crusade in Impiltur.

732 DR Sarshel Elethlim, leader of the Triad Crusade, is crowned the first Paladin-King of Impiltur.

925 DR Plague wipes out the ruling family of Impiltur. The Kingdom of Impiltur dissolves into a collection of independent city-states. Impiltur before this time period has since been referred to as “Old Impiltur”.

1038 DR Pelvuria, the great glacier, has fully receded from the lands that will eventually become Damara and Vaasa. Many Impilturians migrate north to the newly discovered land.

1046 DR Feldrin Bloodfeathers establishes the settlement of Ravensburg in modern-day Damara

1068 DR The Damaran Council is created and elects Feldrin Bloodfeathers as the first King of Damara.

1097 DR Imphras I re-establishes the monarchy of Impiltur by uniting the city-states and driving out a horde of hobgoblin invaders. Becomes the Eighth Paladin-King of Impiltur.

1169 DR Imphras II is born and is immediately declared Impiltur’s King, though his mother acts as Regent until his 16th birthday.

1338 DR Queen Sambryl named Regent in Impiltur until an heir can reach the age of ascension to the throne. (This has not yet occured as successors have died and been replaced by younger ones, the current heir having been born in 1358 DR).

1347 DR Zhengyi the Witch-King rises to power in Vaasa and begins a plot to override the Overgod Ao’s banishment of the demon god of the undead, Orcus.

1357 DR King Virdin Bloodfeathers of Damara is slain in battle with the forces of Zhengyi. He leaves no heir, and Damara falls under the Witch-King’s influence. Zhengyi removes many of the nation’s leaders either through force or treachery and replaces them with his own puppet leadership. Damara is reduced to its composite baronies and duchies, which must pay regular tribute to the Witch-King.

1358 DR The Time of Troubles wreaks havoc as the gods are cast down to Faerun to exist only in avatar form. Ilmater walks the Bloodstone Lands. Many gods are killed, some are reborn, others are replaced. Mystra, the goddess of magic is killed, and permanent damage is done to the magical Weave that surrounds the Realms, causing wild- and dead-magic zones to appear around the world. Zhengyi disappears for a time, and a glimmer of hope is found

1359 – 1361 DR Gareth Dragonsbane leads an uprising starting in Bloodstone Pass. This becomes a long struggle that pits Damaran versus Damaran, but eventually unites all of Damara against Zhengyi, along with unofficial allies from Impiltur.

Eventually, the Witch-King’s army is broken and Zhengyi himself is destroyed. Dragonsbane and a powerful group of his close friends enter the Abyss and steal the Wand of Orcus, temporarily destroying Orcus himself. At Bahamut’s urging, Gareth stabs an avatar of Tiamat with the Wand, killing her and destroying the Wand for a thousand years. Bahamut transforms the headpiece of the Wand into the Tree-Gem which, when planted, grows into the White Tree of Bloodstone, a powerful shield against all demon-kind that protects all of Damara from future abyssal incursions.

1362 DR The war over, Damara begins to rebuild. Though Zhengyi has been destroyed, his shadow yet looms over the Bloodstone Lands, as the remnant of his armies of Vaasan monsters and bandits still terrorize northern Damara.

Gareth Dragonsbane marries Christine Tranth, daughter of Baron Tranth of Bloodstone Pass and becomes successor to the barony. With the large amount of treasure they recovered after their encounter with Zhengyi, Dragonsbane and his companions begin to strengthen the defenses of Bloodstone Pass, also attempting to resuscitate the country’s economy.

Work on the Damaran Gate and the Vaasan Gate begins.

Hannibal Kane, one of Gareth’s longtime companions and adventuring partner, leaves Damara for the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, where he becomes the Grandmaster of Flowers, and is not seen again for several years.

1365 DR After a long, exhausting political campaign, Gareth Dragonsbane is chosen over his rival, Baron Dimian Ree of Morov, to be the new King of Damara.

1368 DR Zhengyian artifacts begin surfacing in the Bloodstone Lands. Two such arcane constructs (replicas of Zhengyi‘s Castle Perilous) appear, one outside Heliogabalus, the other outside Palischuk, and are defeated by mercenaries working out of the Vaasan Gate in Damara. One of the adventurers, Artemis Entreri, becomes the First King of Vaasa (temporarily renamed D’aerthe), but has his rule cut short by King Gareth Dragonsbane and is exiled from the Bloodstone Lands. For the complete story, read R.A. Salvatore’s Promise of the Witch King and Road of the Patriarch

Damara and Vaasa formally merge under King Gareth Dragonsbane’s rule to become the Greater Bloodstone Lands. Two additional baronies are added to the political structure of the country: the Barony of Palischuk, led by the half-orc Wingham; and the Barony of Sunderland, led by dwarf baron.

1370 DR Under a great deal of mental and emotional strain as a result of the political pressures of his kingdom, King Gareth Dragonsbane decides to take leave of his crown for a short pilgrimage to visit his old friend Kane at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. Regency of the realm is left with Prince Quillan, an elderly sage and longtime mentor to Gareth. The King is scheduled to return one year from the day he leaves.

The Damaran and Vaasan Gates are completed.

1371 DR The current year.


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