Leadership: Monarchy / Council
Capital City: Lyrabar
Major Cities: Dilpur, Hlammach, Ilmwatch, Laviguer, Sarshel



Parts of the following are excerpted from The Bloodstone Lands, by R.A. Salvatore

Impiltur is bordered by the
Earthspurs and Damara on the north,
the Sea of Fallen Stars to the south; it
stretches from the Earthfasts on the
west, east to the Easting Reach.

Some two-and-a-half centuries ago,
the city-states were invaded by hordes
of hobgoblins rolling out of the Giantspire
Mountains. The largest of the four
cities took the boldest action. Imphras,
War-Captain of Lyrabar, called up an
army from all the states. When the dust
cleared, the hobgoblins were smashed
and Imphras was a hero. Seeing firsthand
the value of working together, the
four city-states united, forming Impiltur
with its seat of power in Lyrabar.
Today the crest of Impiltur——crossed
sword and wand on a dun field
trimmed in flaming scarlet——is a standard
to be reckoned with.

Impiltur is a land of just over a million citizens,
more than 90% human. Only scattered
groups of halflings and dwarves thrive
in the nation.
Impiltur maintains a strong militia,
and each of its four primary cities is a
veritable fortress. A fifth city, Ilmwatch,
houses only a few common folk,
but more than 500 battle-ready troops.

Impiltur is well-ruled.
Queen Regent Sambryl willingly acts as a figurehead,
relinquishing her power to the council,
the Lords of Imphras II, twelve indirect
descendents of Impiltur’’s noble
founder. War-Captains all, each one is
known to be of good alignment and all
are paladins of gods of the Triad.
Their leader is Kyrlraun, who advises the
Queen on every matter.

The Lords of Imphras II disperse to
oversee events throughout the nation.
With Kyrlraun are three other War-
Captains: Rilimbraun, Limbrar, and
Haelimbrar. Haelimbrar normally
spends his time in the town of Laviguer,
between the Earthspurs and the Earthfasts.
His responsibility is to secure the
western and northern borders of Impiltur.
The city of Sarshel is home base to Silaunbrar
and Rilaunyr. The cities of
Hlammach and Dilpur are home to
three paladins each: Imbra, Silmgar,
and Lashilaun guard Hlammach. Imbraun,
Soargilm, and Sambrar watch
over Dilpur.

Impiltur’’s wealth lies in trade, for all
its major cities are seaports. Before the
days of unity, the four cities had close
ties with Procampur, Sembia, and with
their fellow city-states along the Inner Sea. Now the ships all sail under
the Impilturian banner, and the
traders manipulate the market quite to
their own advantage.
Furthermore, Impiltur has become
the gateway between east and south.
The nation acts as liaison between the
Bloodstone Lands and the powers of
the Sea of Fallen Stars . Ashanath, Narfell,
and Rashemen beyond the Great
Dale also conduct much business
through Impiltur. The strange goods
that flow into Impiltur from these lands
can bring high prices.


Bloodstone and Beyond, 1371 CarpeDM